Welcome to my social media school! There are a number of options for you:

  • Sydney CBD Facebook & Instagram Course: Another real live classroom in Sydney option. 2 Day Facebook Instagram (Intermediate) course. For Facebook & Instagram Admins.
  • Sydney ADVANCED Social Media Manager's Course: Want to come to a real live classroom? Sydney, 3 Day Social Media Professionals course. Very intensive for social media professionals.
  • Online Social Media Courses: Grab ALL the online social media courses, work at your own pace in the Community Club. For Marketing, Comms, PR and agency professionals.
  • Private Mentoring: For private clients, one-on-one mentoring in my training room in the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia. Please enquire. Also available: online private mentoring on Skype.
  • Social Media Consultancy: 1 or 2 days a month, inhouse, for a six month contract. Please enquire.
  • Conference Access: If you attended a conference keynote or an event workshop, the online course is also here - please access the link and coupon you were given at the conference...

Really up to you! Read on for more information on the options!

Advanced - 3 Day Social Media Manager Training

Social Media Professionals Intensive: Would you like to spend 3 days with me, in a small group, in Sydney classrooms going through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Writing Content, Social Media Campaigns, Tools, Scheduling and Automating, Writing Social Media Strategies, Advertising, Algorithms, Groups and more? Information: 3 Day Sydney Social Media Manager Training (Advanced). Please bring laptop and power cable.

3 Day Advanced Social Media Manager Training

Intermediate - Facebook, Instagram Course

Intermediate 2 Day Course: Would you like to spend 2 days with me, in a small group, in a Sydney Australia classroom going through everything Facebook & Instagram: Writing Content,Tools, Scheduling and Automating, Facebook & Instagram engagement and influencer plans, Facebook (& Instagram)Advertising including Pixels, Algorithms, Facebook Groups and more? 2 Day Sydney Facebook & Instagram Course 2019. Please bring laptop and power cable.

2 Day Facebook Workshop in Sydney Australia

Online Social Media Courses

Self Paced Social Media Training: Want lifetime access to over 25 online courses on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Writing Content, Social Media Campaigns, Tools, Scheduling and Automating, Writing Social Media Strategies, Advertising, Algorithms, Groups and more? More Information.

Community Club Social Media Courses with Laurel Papworth

About Me, Laurel Papworth:

Join the 11,000 students that study with me online, the 10,000 social media professionals I have trained offline in the last decade and work on your social media and online community management skills!

Forbes Magazine named me in the Top 50 Social Media Influencers globally, named head of media, social media by Marketing Magazine and in the Power150 AdAge Media bloggers. I strive to show the theory/strategy with practical tactical tools in online community building.

I am a CERT IV Training and Assessment certified trainer (Diplomas and Certificates etc) and I also have taught a Masters of Convergent Media.

Professionally, I have managed Facebook Pages for Junior Masterchef, Idol, Big Brother etc. and have consulted on private online communities for banks, not for profits & governments in SE Asia. I have taught social media for businesses at University of Sydney for 10 years and I have 11,000 online students. My clients range from UNHCR and TV shows to small businesses and Women Matter (Saudi Arabia Women of Islam community).

I have a quarter of a million followers online, personally reaching around 6 million people per month through social media. I have taught around 100,000 people in the last 10 years how to build online communities, create social media content, write strategy documents, drive social media campaigns and improve their Facebook Page through FBO and earned attention.

Contact: please email or call (+61432684992)