LinkedIn Audit

Already got a LinkedIn Profile? Complete this audit! :)

This is a Profile Audit:

  1. note the URL (Vanity URL) - eg
  2. Your profile has been viewed by eg 7 people in the past 3 days
  3. Your Rank movement e.g. 3% Down
  4. How you ranked for Profile views e.g. #498 of 5,650 = Top 9% of your connections
  5. How many profile views in the last ninety days e.g. 338
  6. Go back a week or two and note profile views (38, up 138%), Actions taken (16 actions taken, up 1500% from last week). Note 13 added connections, 2 positions, shared an update.

If you share your results in the Comments below, we can discuss what you found. Up to you! The course discussion forum is for those who have signed up. Either/Or. :)