[Theory]: The 5 Steps of a Social Media Campaign Framework

What are the 5 steps of a social media campaign?

  1. Monitoring and eavesdropping - learn your customers hot spots, gain industry news, understand crisis comms issues
  2. Create a Voice - who are you? What do you stand for? are you cheeky, educational, formal or edgy? Blogs and deep content creation.
  3. Discussion - distribute content from others, engage with key influencers, Q&As, engage.
  4. Promotion - Facebook boosted posts to preferred audience, competitions, links to email signups, coupons
  5. Measurement - analytics such as when they are online, what they liked, the kind of content they liked, what worked, what didn't.

Always keep in mind FBO (facebook optimisation) to maximise and leverage Facebook's algorithm - your campaign should include the conversation diary (link takes you to the following lectures).

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