[Welcome] Structure of Social Media Strategy and Client Pitch Course

How to make the most from this social media strategy course;

  1. [Choose]: Select a Social Media Pitch/Brief/Request from an Organisation
    Head to the 4 x Pitch documents lecture. Please download the brief that appeals - you don't have to download all 4 just the one that is closest to your business/organisation. Alternately make up your own! you can then use this brief to develop your strategy.
  2. Download the Social Media Strategy WORKBOOK
    In the Social Media Strategy workbook lecture, you can download the PDF workbook document. Underneath the document is the "Download: link" option.
  3. [Homework] lectures
    Under each section (last lecture in the section) is usually a homework or task. There are around 9 of them
  4. [Discussion] area
    Please go to The Discussion area with questions. Emails to [email protected] which are about course content will not be responded to, only here, to ensure all students share the question and answer knowledgebank.

Enjoy the course!

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