How Do I Set Up a Facebook Page for My Business - Properly?

Create A Facebook Business Page - step by step!

Use the following tips & guides to guide you.

STEP 1: Create the Facebook Business Page

from your Personal Profile (as an Admin)1.

  1. Go to
  2. Choose a Category.

STEP 2: Choose a Category.

Remember, Local Business must use a physical address. See if this chart helps you choose and check the subcategories.

TIP Don't worry too much, you can change the category later!

Facebook is very clear on what a "Community" Page is: Choose it at your own peril!!!!

What is a community Page?

A community Page is a Page about an organization, celebrity or topic that it doesn't officially represent. A community Page has a label below its name that identifies it as a community Page and links to the official Page about that topic. For example, a community Page about Facebook would have the label Community Page about Facebook.

If your Page has been mislabeled a community Page, learn how to edit or remove this label.

From Facebook Help Center on What is a Community Page.


Creating a Facebook Business Page takes seconds but there are things you should consider from before you even go live!

  • Create a Page from scratch (you can have many Pages, even test pages!)
  • Facebook targetting and what it means for Engagement on your Page
  • What decisions to make about the Social Graph, tribes and keyword interests that impact engagement

Create a Page at Facebook Pages (creation)

DISCUSSION: how did that work for you? Do you already have a Page but are wondering if you've done it right? Let me know! Please paste the link in Discussion.