Blogs: Creating a Blog, Changing the Theme and Understanding the Dashboard

Let's create a campaign website (blog or social media press room) and quickly put up the main pages and articles.

  • Create a blog (1:05 mark) - walkthrough
  • Look around the dashboard (/wp-admin)
  • Understanding the "normal" website vs a social media website
  • Learn about the features of your new site: articles/posts, pages, sidebar, navigation menus,
  • Change the theme and layout (activate Twenty Eleven theme)
  • Add a contact Page with a Google Map embed (follow along the lecture)
  • Create an post or article (08:20 mark) and embed a YouTube video (and why you should use YouTube!)

TIP keep the Dashboard (/wp-admin) in ONE tab/window and the Website in ANOTHER tab or window (just refresh to see changes). Don't forget to Pause the video or Replay it if you miss any of the instructions!

Quick and easy, and it's also free - now you are blogging!

Questions: Please ask in the Discussion forum