A List of Top WORDPRESS sites

Some Wordpress Business sites for. you to consider:

Tip: Right click, View Source, look for. wp-content or anything wp.

For Uni Sydney Design students as per the demonstration in the DECO2010 lecture in May 2017, Facebook Newsroom is an example of a Wordpress site hosted on Wordpress.com being used as a social media newsroom.

You'll see at the bottom of the page if it's hosted by Wordpress.com e.g. Facebook is on Wordpress VIP.

View Source will also give you the wp.com link indicating hosted by wordpress.com (not the self hosting on iinet etc).

If you wish to upgrade from free to premium (freemium) you will need to pay a minimum of $3 a month for additional features.

Finally, you can tell if the site is "powered by wordpress" or "Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com." because it has it at the bottom and if you are logged into Wordpress.com you'll see your toolbar at the top.