Why Add Social Media To Your Business Website?

Let's look at the changing usage of social media and traffic - Pinterest! - and the fact that customers share into their OWN networks, from your corporate blog, not onto YOUR channels. #Earned #Owned

Hi, I just want to add a lecture about the changing usage of social media. It's important to offer share buttons to all your readers, so they can share your content into THEIR networks. For example, if the customer shares on Facebook, it goes to their friends, not your Facebook Page. And now that Pinterest, Tumblr etc are being massive shared, offering those buttons on your social media press release, product announcement, how to video or message from the CEO is vitally important. Even if YOU are not on those platforms, perhaps your customers are?

Have any of you found any unusual little communities that share your content? If you track it, it's interesting how many people share content into forums and on to other blogs. (Use the analytics section for that).

"Owned media" are your Business Page, your Business Twitter account etc - where your customers see your content. "Earned Media" is when your content goes into customer communication channels - THEIR facebook friends see it, their twitter followers see it.