Getting Started with WordPress hosting and website (free)

If you ALREADY have a Wordpress account see Section B (below)

A. NEW TO WORDPRESS - GETTING SETUP: Let's get you signed up to the WordPress service (you can create one account but use many names and have many websites with many different titles from the one account). This will take you through setting up your social media website and corporate blog for free.

  • choosing a domain name e.g. (changing it later to your own .com etc).
  • Giving Wordpress an email address (for verification) and choosing a username and password
  • Jumping through Themes and Packages as we'll set them up in another lecture.

Link for creating many blogs (you can use one account but have different websites, different URLs, different Admin names etc).

B. ALREADY HAVE A WORDPRESS ACCOUNT? Skip to the 5:35 on the previous video if you already have a Wordpress account (either for a wordpress hosted blog or for your own self hosted blog) or read the TEXT notes attached to this lecture.

If you already have a wordpress account:

Please go login and then click MY SITES in the top left. That will take you to one of your sites global admin panel. Please click <-SWITCH SITE (near the top left) and then click +ADD NEW WORDPRESS in the bottom left.

Alternatively see if works for you.

IMPORTANT: Do you already have a Wordpress account? Did Wordpress say "that email address is already in use" or something similar and you found you could just log in?
Learn how to create a second site (sandbox, test or development website) for those that ALREADY have a Wordpress Account. You do NOT want to practice on a site that has visitors and runs your business - make sure you have a second "test" site!

Don't forget to click HD on the video, double tap for full screen, and you can ask me questions in the Discussion forum.