Target Audience Case Study: Photo vs Links to your website? Location and other Psychographics of a Facebook Page.

Learn about Preferred audience: Demographic (age, location, gender), Psychographic (Interests, Pages, Activity) and Behaviours (shopping, Mastercard, supermarket and wine purchases).

EXAMPLE: Tourism Australia does a great job of FOCUSSED comms for PREFERRED AUDIENCE and also TYPE OF CONTENT

TOURISM AUSTRALIA: Photography (landscape mostly). Cute animals (Koala Bears, Kangaroos and anything cuddly. No crocodiles, spiders or snakes) for subject matter. The types of content are ONLY visual. Mostly photographs but more recently video and 360 video. A text or link will likely bomb on that Page.

Also look at LEGO: games, architecture, creative and building, toys, engineering (too much of a mix)

TAKEAWAY: Facebook delivers Pages with lots of links e.g. Media and Newspapers to people who like to read articles on links. Facebook delivers Photos to people who like, comment and click on photos. If you are heavy on one, you'll notice that interaction for the other drops off. Even a photo with a link in the text will not be delivered to as many people as a straight photo (on a photography Page).

So even a great quality photo with a link to an off-Facebook Page will impact FBO for a photographer. If you are linking a lot, Facebook will deliver your Page to those that like links but you may find that if you post an image or meme or inspirational quote in an image, it doesn't do very well. Check your content type regularly to see if Facebook has decided you are a photo/video/image Page or a link/text/article Page.

PLEASE NOTE: Ever noticed you buy something and more information shows up in the newsfeed? That could be due to Facebook Pixel Remarketing or it could be due to your credit card information mapped to your Facebook account. Facebook has said they use a different set of data for ADVERTISING vs NEWSFEED. This course is about the NEWSFEED. However, given the issues with "Beacon" (using purchasing behaviours to determine newsfeed caused a furore) it is unlikely they would release exactly HOW they are using the data they get from Acxiom, Epsilon, Datalogix and Quantium (the credit card, loyalty cards, frequent flyer cards etc data). For the purpose of this course, I only reference the data. In my Big Data courses we go into more detail on how it appears the data is being used.

Exercise: Photo or Video?

Will you be posting predominantly images with quotes on them, or links to your website or photos of products or video howtos? If moving between the different types of content mucks up FBO which one will you stick with? Can you make a video inviting people to your website every so often or an image of your article summary?

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