OVERVIEW: What is Facebook OPTIMISATION? News Feed Algorithm? Get Better Engagement...

Before we create our Facebook Page for Business in the next lecture, we need to understand Facebook's newsfeed algorithm sometimes called "FBO" and how Facebook can stop the majority (over 90%) of the "Likes" on your Page seeing your status updates.

Did you know that out of the 1500-1800 updates available to your customer at the moment of logging in, Facebook chooses only 20-60 of those updates to show in the customers newsfeed? Those updates might come from their social graph (best friends according to Facebook activity), from the topics they talk about (keywords) and from their last 50 interactions on Facebook (Last Actor 50).

Once we understand THAT, the rest of the lectures show you how to work around FBO to get more Likes, engagement and call to actions.

  • Understand FBO (Facebook Optimisation) and Edgerank
  • See how the "Social Graph" (your network) impacts what you see. Your social graph is your friends on Facebook and their relationship to you (the people you interact with the most have a high score and are "close friends").
  • Understand how customers are treated as target audiences by Facebook and what that means for your Page


EXERCISE: Before you start

Write down what you understand of Facebook Optimization. Are you a beginner at Facebook or are you advanced? Are you interested in the techy geeky stuff (datasets, big data, Lexicon, Big Data) or just in how to make your Facebook Page work better?

At the end of the course, review this paragraph and decide if you have "shifted" your understanding somewhat.

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