Step 1: Set Your Facebook Page Up PROPERLY

What is Your Facebook Preferred Audience?

My business is Yoga on The Beach (say) and my preferred audience is Carol, 28-30 likes Yoga, Pilates, lives in the Eastern Suburbs, buys wine, likes Lululemon, Billabong and watches The Bachelor Australia. Play with your "customer avatar" (best if you choose an actual customer!). Watch the video and adapt your Preferred Audience.


Creating a Facebook Business Page takes seconds but there are things you should consider from before you even go live!

  • Create a Page from scratch (you can have many Pages, even test pages!)
  • NEW PAGE Set your Preferred Audience for MAU (Monthly Active User)
  • ESTABLISHED PAGE Go into Settings and adjust Preferred Audience.

EXERCISE: Facebook Optimization and Creating a Facebook Page

Write down your Preferred Audience. Not your products (e.g, gym, exercise, health) but your customers' interests (e.g. yoga, meditation, Bali, The Bachelor). If you have more than one Preferred Audience, create a different list for each customer avatar.

For a NEW Facebook Page:

When setting up your NEW Facebook Page, fill in the Preferred Audience at setup

how to set up a new facebook page with preferred audience


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