Facebook & Data Research - Geek out :)

Big Data & Research

William H asked for this list, but it's useful if you like to geek out on Data Research, Big Data and Facebook.

Facebook Data Research https://www.facebook.com/data

Facebook Research https://research.fb.com/

Facebook Analog lab :) https://www.facebook.com/analoglab

Journalists - implemented (Signal) https://signal.fb.com/

Worth a Read: Trump & Facebook App survey

Mark Zuckerberg (Follow only) https://www.facebook.com/zuck

This is a list of both Big Data/Data Research Facebook Pages (and some external links) as well as Engineering and general developer sites for Facebook (mostly)

LinkedIn Research https://engineering.linkedin.com/

Hadoop & Case Studies https://www.mapr.com/resources/customer-case-studi...

Woolworths & Quantium article http://www.afr.com/business/retail/woolworths-sitt...

Data Infrastructure at IFTTT https://medium.com/engineering-at-ifttt/data-infra...

Facebook's Data Centres



Facebook for Developers F8 https://www.facebook.com/FacebookforDevelopers/


Facebook Engineering https://www.facebook.com/Engineering

Facebook Hackercup https://www.facebook.com/hackercup/

MySQL at Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MySQLatFacebook/

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