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What is covered in this Facebook Optimization course?

1. What is Facebook Optimization (FBO)?

Facebook has around 80,000 datasets (criteria) that ensure that the top 20-60 updates are seen out of a possible 1,800. In other words, is YOUR content in the 20 Facebook Newsfeed updates your customers see, or the 1780 Facebook updates they don't see?

2. Discover the Importance of Preferred Audience on Facebook

Facebook uses Preferred Audience for the Page (learn how to set up from scratch) to determine Monthly Active User requirements (MAU). Learn how to change the Preferred Audience in the Page "settings". Make notes of your Target Audience: their age, location and gender (demographics), their hobbies and favourite brands on Facebook (psychographics or customer avatar) and their buying behaviours at supermarkets and online.

3. What keywords should I use on Facebook? Lexicon and Deep Text

Facebook uses keywords just like Google SEO (search) does to determine if your content is relevant to me!

4. What type of content should I be posting to my Facebook Page?

Did you know that Facebook chooses content on certain criteria? What content are you posting?

5. What time of Day to Post for best Facebook Optimization results?

Creating a conversation diary is well worthwhile.

6 How many times a day should I post?

Facebook uses Last Actor 50 in their optimization (did the customer interact with you in their last 50 interactions?) If you haven't posted for a week you won't be in the Last Actor 50!

Others will be posted as information becomes available (focussing on the Facebook algorithm).

Video on what this Facebook Optimization course covers:

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