STEP2: Why Avatars: Facebook as a Focus Group & Engagement

Let's investigate Facebook's use of target audiences ("lookalike" or "preferred" audience is the term Facebook uses) and how important psychographics are to Facebook Optimisation (FBO).

WHO are you talking to? Facebook makes decisions about who your audience are - whether you agree or no - and then only shows your udpates to those people. Take a peep at the largest Focus Group online, for free, and see what Facebook does with that data.

Why is this important - we investigate Facebook FBO (Edgerank) and how the algorithm changes depending on “who” you are communicating with. Facebook will change your place in the Fans newsfeed depending on how well you do this part of the strategy. It also impacts Google search and soon, Twitter timelines (Twitter algorithm).

Greenpeace audience and Facebook Ads as a Focus Group