CAMPAIGN 2: Facebook Optimisation FBO & Voice

Understanding Facebook Optimisation for Not for Profits.

When you create your content, and your voice it's a good idea to understand the platforms algorithm e.g. Facebook FBO,

  • Stick with your topic and keywords and don't wander (Lexicon semantic engine) #Lexicon
  • Talk to ONE target audience or stakeholder group - don't mix them up. Facebook shares to your target and their "close" friends. #socialgraph
  • Facebook takes the person that interacts with your content and then may share it to strangers that match that person's profile. Stay on Target! #lookalikeaudience
  • Content Type - Facebook shares Pages that have photos to people who like Photos, Article links to people who like text etc. You may notice a downswing in reach if Facebook isn't showing your content because it's of a different type than what you usually post. #ContentType
  • Last Actor 50 - If someone interacts with your content, Facebook will show them more during hte following 24 hours or so (last 50 interactions for that person). Post more than once a day! #LastActor50
  • Rituals and Memes - Facebook knows ThrowBackThursday and GivingTuesday and so on and shares more on those days. Also look for popular News in your field. If a lot of people are sharing "breaking News" and you do too, your Page will be featured more.
  • Everythign you post should aim for engagement from the right audience. Ask questions, link to similar pages, reshare similar stories, use similar #hashtags and link to external articles (not just your own site) that would be of interest to your target group.

With 1500 stories available to your stakeholder at any given moment, Facebook works hard to show them the 20-60 that actually connect with them. Be in that 20-60 posts!

How do you manage FBO? Let me know in Discussions.