Introduction to the Strategy section & Notes

WE START WITH the 5 Steps of a Social Media Campaign:

  1. Monitoring and observing
  2. Creating voice and content based on observations
  3. Engaging in discussions with @keyinfluencers and #groups
  4. Promoting offers, competitions and events through those discussions and social eads
  5. Measuring analytics and KPIs of social media including Facebook Insights

We also investigate Facebook Optimisation (FBO or algorithm) and how to ensure that Facebook puts your content in stakeholder newsfeeds.


WRITING A SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY? This section is for Not for Profits: Many Marketing and Public Relations professionals in the NFP sector want more structure than simply competitions and social media promotions on Facebook & Twitter and broadcasting content on LinkedIn: (Don't forget to click HD on the videos!)

We actually start with some of Step 9: Campaigns as that is where most Organisations are investing their time. Lots of tools and tips there. Then move on to the more strategic Step1 to Step 9 Social Media Strategy.

  • why you are on social media & why stakeholders would want to connect with you
  • what platforms you (and your stakeholders) should use,
  • how to find and engage with key influencers and bloggers,
  • creating campaigns from monitoring platforms to measurement
  • a conversation diary and content calendar including an downloadable doc.
  • developing a voice in social & what to say,
  • as well as finding and connecting with target markets (Customer Avatars) across social platforms
  • and integrating websites and microsites with social.

This complete Social Media Strategy course was part of the PRIA (Public Relations Institute of Australia) series of workshops as well as other National and inhouse workshops.

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